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Atsy Clothes and Fashion Accessories by Naza

Naza’s apparel and fashion accessories line literally turns the wearer into a walking work of art. It is an amazing blend of fine art, fashion, and cutting edge technology.

This famous Brazilian American Artist has created a new type of fashion print that is inspired by her own original paintings. Our fashion products are unique, trendless, exclusive, practical, and affordable.


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Naza is Maria Nazareth Maia Rufino McFarren (Born in Santa Cruz do PiauíPiauí on 19 April 1955) is a Brazilian painter, best known for her abstract paintings of officialscelebrities, andendangered species.

She attended elementary school in Santa Cruz do Piauí and Picos, and high school in Fortaleza. She started university in Teresina. In 1976, she moved to Brasilia, where she began painting professionally. The same year she moved to Recife, where she lived for five years.

It was here that Naza began developing her style, and made his first solo exhibition. Also in Recife, she had her daughter, Guiomar Rufino Lins e Silva in 1979. In 1982, did call for the Bank of Brazil and was taking the job in the Picos. While living in that city, Naza always traveled to make presentations and painting portraits in Fortaleza, Brazil, Recife, São Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro. In Picos, met and married Stuart McFarren, an American, and moved to the United States. First they went to Saint Thomas, and then to Dalton, Ohio. From there, she went to live for three years at Fort Kobbe, a U.S. military base in Panama. In Panama she was hired to paint portraits of high society in the country. Among her clients were General Noriega and his family. It was in Panama at Gorgas Hospital, that her son, Daniel McFarren, was born, in 1987. She moved to Arlington, Virginia, in 1988. The current phase of the artist is the result of research while living in Arlington. The painting "Losing the Fear of Red", was a cornerstone and a major shift in her artistic direction.

In 1990, she moved to Barbados, where she lived a few months. Already separated, she moved with her ​​two children to Fayetteville, North Carolina. There, she spent three years working as an artist, as a teacher of Portuguese to the U.S. Army, and art teacher for Fayetteville Community College. In 1993, she moved to the city of Boca Raton, Florida, where she opened a studio (Naza Art Studio) at Palmetto Park Road.

She became intensely involved with the local community. She was an active member of several local organizations, including, Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce, Women in Visual Arts, Boca Raton Professional Artists Guild, American Pen Women, Soroptimists International.[1]

In 1998, the journalist Suzane Jales wrote and published the book "O Figurativo Abstrato de Naza (Abstracted Realism by Naza).[2] Naza moved to Deerfield Beach in 2003, and in 2005, began to create clothes and other products inspired by her paintings. Her art was at the mansion of Donald Trump in Palm Beach, Florida, attended by several celebrities, including Debbie Gibson, David Carradine and Dan Haggerty.[3] Since December 2007, the artist has lived most of the year in Brazil, where her clothes are being manufactured.[4][5]

Naza is also a resident of Boca Raton, FL, and Los Angeles, CA, by the year.  

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Naza's biography was published as a book by Journalist Suzane Jales, from Teresina, PI, Brazil. This book is available at  

Telefone nos Estados Unidos:(561) 283-4378

Telefones no Brasil: (86)9800-0229

Email:    ou

Painter of Emotions

Brazilian American Visual Artist of International Acclaim

Career highlights:

-Exhibitions at major galleries and museums in the USA, Brazil, Panama, France, and Canada, including at the São Paulo Museum of Art (MASP)
-Published biography/book by journalist Suzane Jales
-Croix DeArgeant by the Academy of Arts and Literature, in Paris, France
-Proclamation in her honor by the Brazilian Senate
-Collectors such as President Clinton, Brigitte Bardot, Ivana Trump, Neyde and Viviane Senna (Ayrton Senna Institute), The West Point Academy, Cornell Museum of Art and History, and General Noriega

- Woman of The Year in the Arts, Boca Raton, Florida